In a rather tragic turn of events for sneakerheads across North America, the beloved Japanese footwear retailer atmos has officially bid adieu to the continent. With its debut brick & mortar establishment in Harajuku wowing sneaker enthusiasts way back in 2000, atmos soon branched out to conquer the hearts of sneaker aficionados worldwide. Making its grand entrance into the American scene, atmos opened its much-anticipated flagship store in the vibrant Harlem neighborhood of New York City, situated right on the renowned 125th St. This delightful haven quickly became a hotspot for sneakerheads seeking boutique-level sneaker retailers and a multitude of engaging in-store collaborations with top brands.

Fast forward to November 2020, when atmos decided to embark on an exciting new adventure by teaming up with Philadelphia’s iconic sneaker boutique, UBIQ. Their fusion birthed the mighty atmos USA, sparking immense anticipation in the sneaker community. But wait, the plot thickens! Enter the sneaker giant, Foot Locker, stage left, making a triumphant acquisition of the globally acclaimed atmos brand in August 2021. The move, however, didn’t dampen atmos’ spirit, as the foreign marvel continued to operate autonomously under its own name in its beloved locations in New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

Alas, the tale takes a sorrowful twist. According to the fashion-forward folks at Footwear News, Foot Locker has made the heart-wrenching decision to shut down atmos USA. Yes, fellow sneakerheads, let the tears flow freely as we bid farewell to the three brick and mortar stores along with the cherished online sanctuary. Patrick Walsh, the suave SVP and GM of atmos, expressed his sentiments with a heavy heart, stating, “The Atmos brand has a unique and authentic identity, character, and spirit. Given the strength of Atmos in Japan and Asia, we are focused on further investing in this market. Though in line with this focus and our plans for simplification, we have made the strategic decision to close our three Atmos stores in North America and our Atmos U.S. website.”

Fear not, dear sneaker enthusiasts, for this may not be the end of atmos’ quest for greatness. Redirecting their focus solely towards Japan and Asia, atmos vows to continue its unwavering dedication to the sneaker realm in these bustling markets. So while we bid adieu to atmos’ presence in North America, let us eagerly await the captivating sneakers and mesmerizing collaborations that atmos has in store for its loyal followers across the globe. The sneaker world weeps for the departure of atmos USA, but let us remember, in the words of the great sneaker philosopher, “Out with the old, in with the new kicks.”

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