In the midst of the highly anticipated 2023-24 NBA Season, Stephen Curry and Under Armour have made a bold move off the court by signing Sacramento Kings All-Star De’Aaron Fox to a lucrative multi-year endorsement deal. This groundbreaking agreement also includes the launch of Fox’s very own signature sneaker under the prestigious Curry Brand.

Joining an elite group of active players who have their own signature line, Stephen Curry set the bar high when he introduced his brand in late 2020. However, what makes this deal even more remarkable is that it marks the first time in NBA history that an active player (Curry) has signed another current player (Fox) to their own brand as a signature athlete. This makes Fox the first Curry Brand athlete with his own shoe, alongside the impressive Azzi Fudd, who has been a brand ambassador since 2021.

Expressing his excitement about the partnership, Stephen Curry stated, “I couldn’t think of a better athlete and person to join the Curry Brand team. It’s special to have someone who truly believes in what our brand stands for and is not only a Curry Brand athlete but also embodies that identity as a player.”

This momentous deal between Fox and Curry also coincides with the 10-year anniversary of Curry’s initial signing with Under Armour in 2013, following the end of his previous contract with Nike. Interestingly, Fox, who had been seen wearing Nike, Under Armour, and New Balance sneakers throughout the previous season, was captivated by the Curry brand’s revolutionary Flow cushioning technology. It is expected that Fox will incorporate this cutting-edge technology into his own signature sneaker.

Similar to Curry, Fox is passionate about the future of the game and will play an integral role in Under Armour’s grassroots efforts, UA Next programs, and Curry’s annual skills camp for the top high school prospects in the nation. This commitment to fostering the sport’s growth further solidifies Fox’s dedication and aligns perfectly with Curry’s vision.

Emphasizing the importance of using his platform for positive impact, Fox remarked, “I have always said that my work on the court means nothing if I can’t utilize my platform to do good, and that’s why I have always admired what Stephen has done with Under Armour for the basketball and underrepresented communities.”

Fans can look forward to the highly anticipated release of De’Aaron Fox’s Curry Brand signature shoe in the Fall of 2024. Designed by renowned UA Curry 11 designer Ed Wallace, this sneaker is sure to make a statement. Until then, expect Fox to rock his exclusive versions of the Curry 11 and Curry 1 Flotro in the coming months.

So, as we gear up for an exciting NBA season, we can’t wait to see what this dynamic collaboration between Curry, Fox, and Under Armour has in store for sneaker enthusiasts and basketball fans alike. Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to step up your game with the game-changing Curry Brand.

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