The Air Jordan 1 Mid, that prized canvas for our revered Jumpman, continues its homage to the most iconic colorways in the sneaker kingdom. And let me spill the beans, folks, this brand has a real soft spot for the immortal “Black Toe” design.

But take a deep breath, sneakerheads, because this fresh Air Jordan 1 Mid takes the “Black Toe” inspiration to unimaginable heights. And guess what? It’s exclusively designed for the ladies. With color blocking that pays homage to the OG version, prepare for a mind-bending twist that will make your head spin. The Swooshes and outsoles do a catwalk in contrasting colors, injecting a burst of exhilarating freshness into this already iconic aesthetic. The sneaker, for the most part, remains true to its original form, with pristine white leathers seductively dancing underneath, sleek black overlays adding a touch of undeniable sleekness, and those eye-catching red accents serenading the collar and heel.

Get ready, folks, because these kicks are about to set fire to your sneaker rotation. Stay on your tippy-toes and keep your sneaker game razor-sharp, because they’re about to drop at select retailers and before you can say “resell.”

Now, in other electric sneaker news, brace yourselves for the long-awaited comeback of the Air Jordan 8 Playoffs happening tomorrow. It’s a momentous occasion, my friends.

And if you’re dying to know where to snag a pair of these esteemed kicks, make sure to follow the kings of sneaker information, @kicksfinder, on Twitter. They’ll have you covered in real-time during this glorious release.

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