Paris Saint-Germain and Jordan Brand are keeping their sneaker partnership alive and kicking until 2024, and believe me, sneakerheads, we have some thrilling releases on the horizon that will have you drooling. Remember when they first shook up the scene in 2018 with the PSG Air Jordan 5? Well, since then, they’ve been on fire, consistently dropping iconic collabs. Brace yourselves because they’re about to unleash an “OG” style release of the Air Jordan 1 Low, taking us back to the glory days of the original 1985 model.

According to the sneaker gurus at Sneaker Files, we can expect the highly anticipated PSG Air Jordan 1 Low OG to grace the shelves in the fall of 2024. While we don’t have a visual yet, I can tell you that this sneaker will be a feast for the eyes. Picture a sophisticated blend of Sail, Off Noir, Infrared 23, and Pink Oxford colorways. Trust me when I say, sneaker envy is about to reach sky-high levels.

Now, let’s shift our attention to the deliciously sweet Air Jordan 11 “Neapolitan” that will be dropping on November 11th. This sneaker is like a scrumptious dessert for your feet, with a color scheme that will make heads turn and mouths water. Jordan Brand knows how to keep us hooked, don’t they?

But hold on tight, my sneaker fiends, because I can’t wrap up this article without giving you a tantalizing sneak peek of what’s yet to come. Feast your eyes on the mock-up image above. Now, I know it’s not the real deal, but it gives you a flavorful preview of what to expect from the PSG Air Jordan 1 Low OG when it finally blesses us in fall 2024. Start prepping your sneaker game for greatness, because we’re about to witness a stratospheric surge in style.

Stay glued to your screens, sneakerheads, because more updates are on the way. And remember, never stop dreaming big when it comes to sneakers. The game just keeps elevating, and we’re here for every step.

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