In a truly divine display of craftsmanship, the Kobe Brand has introduced a celestial tradition with the arrival of the Kobe 8 Protro “Halo.” This immaculate all-white rendition pays homage to the fallen legend while simultaneously heralding the birth of the Kobe Brand itself. It’s poetry in motion that this momentous occasion coincides with Kobe Bryant’s very own birthday on August 23rd.

Peering into the future, Nike is set to resurrect the legendary Kobe 9 in not one, but two breathtaking editions for the year 2024: the high-performance Elite trim and the more affordable EM edition. The Elite version made waves in both High and Low-top renditions, flaunting a revolutionary Flyknit exterior that set an unprecedented precedent for basketball shoes. Meanwhile, the EM edition opted for a lighter Engineered Mesh construction. According to insiders like the prolific duo of @zsneakerheadz and Sneaker Files, both models from 2013 will make a resplendent comeback in all-white “Halo” versions, ushering in the second chapter of this celestial series. Brace yourselves, for the Kobe 9 “Halo” will undeniably spark the “Protro” revival cycle for these highly coveted kicks.

As of now, the Kobe Brand has invested considerable effort into two exceptional models for their 2024 lineup – the Kobe 8 Protro and Kobe 4 Protro. These time-honored gems have already conquered NBA courts, reigning as some of the most adored sneakers in the industry. With their imminent return, these iconic models will firmly establish the Kobe Brand as an indomitable force within the basketball community. Prepare yourselves for the impending wave that is about to crash upon us.

In the realm of retro basketball news, mark your calendars for the grand return of the legendary Jordan 12 “Cherry” on October 28th. The sneaker gods have answered our prayers, and we shall bask in the glory of this long-awaited resurrection.

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