Reebok LTD, the brand that lives and breathes the principles of Learn, Test, and Design, is shaking up the sneaker world with their latest drop, the Club C FWD. This cutting-edge silhouette takes a futuristic spin on the timeless Club C, a sneaker that first hit the tennis courts way back in 1985.

Dressed in a sleek color palette and infused with modern design elements, the Club C FWD effortlessly transports the old-school performance model into the present day. The upper boasts striking geometric cut-outs and plush padded panels, giving it a contemporary and edgy aesthetic. But worry not, they haven’t forsaken their roots – nods to Reebok’s heritage can be spotted in the printed details at the heel and tongue, as well as the reinforced toe and rubber sole.

What sets the Club C FWD apart from its predecessor, the Reebok Club C 85, is not only its revolutionary design but also its impeccable Italian craftsmanship. However, quality comes at a price, as the Club C FWD comes with a hefty price tag of £260 (approximately $315 USD), compared to the more budget-friendly £85 (approximately $130 USD) of the Club C 85. But when it comes to a sneaker that seamlessly marries fashion and performance, it’s a small sum to pay.

During an exclusive chat with Sneaker News in December 2022, Nick Woodhouse, the President and Chief Marketing Officer of Authentic Brands Group, delved into Reebok LTD’s unique position at the intersection of fashion and performance. He declared, “[W]e have this incredible opportunity to thrive at the intersection of fashion and performance, and that’s exactly what we’re going to continue to explore.” Reebok LTD is certainly living up to that promise with their latest releases.

The brand’s premium range of apparel and footwear takes timeless designs and elevates them with whimsical and stimulating elements. The brainchild of the “Learn. Test. Design.” team even collaborated with acclaimed Israeli designer Hed Mayner to reimagine the iconic Classic Leather silhouette. And with Senior Footwear Designer Evan Belforti leading the charge, Reebok LTD’s in-house projects are pushing the boundaries of design. They’re effectively bringing archival models into the present with an experimental twist that’s guaranteed to captivate fashion enthusiasts far and wide.

If you’re ready to stride boldly into the future of footwear, the Reebok Club C FWD is available now on,, and select retailers. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss if you’re aiming to be the epitome of both style and performance.

In other exhilarating news, basketball prodigy Angel Reese has joined forces with Reebok, alongside legends Shaquille O’Neal and Allen Iverson. It’s crystal clear that Reebok LTD is making seismic moves and leaving an indelible mark on the sneaker industry.

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