Prepare to have your skate kicks game taken to the next level. 18 East founder, Antonio Ciongoli, has teamed up with Vans for a collaboration that will blow your mind and have any skater drooling. Inspired by personal memories and experiences, this collection is an absolute must-have.

Ciongoli takes us back to a time when he was just 11 years old and met Packy McGurn, the epitome of coolness in his eyes. This encounter sparked Antonio’s love for the Half Cab and ignited his passion for skateboarding. Now, he’s sharing this pivotal memory through a three-shoe capsule set to launch on October 19th.

The 18 East x Vans Half Cab comes in three stunning colorways: Black/Navy, Ecru/Off-white, and Espresso/Latte. These kicks feature an indigo suede label ankle, paying homage to Ciongoli’s love for the Half Cab. The textured ankle pattern is drawn from their iconic Gorecki cargo pant, adding a unique touch. But that’s not all – there are also call-outs to Packy, A-Dog, and 145 Cherry, all of which hold a special place in Ciongoli’s heart. To ensure durability and ultimate skate-readiness, the shoes are constructed with ripstop cotton and boast densely padded tongues.

The coveted 18 East x Vans Half Cab will be exclusively available at 18 East stores and online on October 19th. But wait, it gets better. The first 100 units sold will include a cassette of SLOW FIDELITY SESSIONS vol. 1 – a mixtape curated by DJ Crusty Cuts as a tribute to A-Dog. It’s clear that this collaboration is not just about the shoes, but also the rich skate culture that inspired it.

So mark your calendars, get your clicking fingers ready, and prepare to step into skater heaven with the 18 East x Vans Half Cab collection. This collaboration is all about embracing nostalgia and honoring the roots of skateboarding, all while keeping your sneaker game on point.

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