In the world of NBA and sneaker culture, Phoenix Suns player Devin Booker has been making a statement with his choice of footwear during the preseason. Rather than wearing his own upcoming signature sneaker, Booker has been rocking the iconic Kobe Protros. And last night, during a game against the Portland Trail Blazers, he was seen sporting a special edition “Ukraine” Nike Kobe 6, gifted to him by his former teammate P.J. Tucker.

Booker took to his Instagram story to showcase the thoughtful gift from Tucker. It’s clear that the bond between the two goes beyond the court, as Tucker has acted as a mentor and big brother figure to Booker ever since his rookie season. And what better way to pay homage to their friendship than through a special pair of kicks?

The “Ukraine” colorway has gained popularity over the past few seasons, especially when Tucker himself rocked the sunset orange pair. It’s a sentimental nod to his time playing basketball overseas in Ukraine. The design features a sleek jet-black upper with a gradient-coated composition that adds a touch of creativity to the classic silhouette. Originally unveiled in 2021 when Tucker was part of the Milwaukee Bucks, the colorway has now been passed down to the next generation of NBA sneakerheads in Booker.

Unfortunately for sneaker enthusiasts, this exclusive colorway won’t be hitting the shelves anytime soon. But we can still admire it through the detailed imagery that Booker shared. The combination of the sentimental value and the stylish design makes this pair a true treasure for any sneakerhead.

If you’re eager to see more from the Suns’ shooting guard, make sure to check out the Nike Book 1, his upcoming signature sneaker. Official images and technical details have already been released, giving us a glimpse of what to expect from Booker’s own line of kicks.

So, kudos to Tucker for his incredible gift and the bond he shares with Booker. This is just another example of how sneaker culture not only brings us amazing designs and collectibles but also fosters genuine connections between athletes and fans.

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