New Balance, the reigning champion of the “Dad Shoe” trend, continues to push the envelope with its iconic styles by collaborating with unexpected partners and incorporating timeless techniques. In their latest venture, the Boston-based brand brings the centuries-old art of Boro stitching to its popular lifestyle sneakers that were originally designed for the basketball court.

The New Balance Boro Pack takes inspiration from the traditional Japanese patchwork method and applies it to two of their beloved models, the 550 and the 580. This captivating technique, which originated in the mid-1800s, involves meticulously stitching together small scraps of fabric to repair and repurpose worn-out garments. As a result, both sneakers are adorned with a mesmerizing blend of indigo shades and textures, featuring panels crafted from hairy suede, denim, woven canvas, cracked leather, and pre-aged suede. These panels are seamlessly combined with exposed cream-white stitching, paying homage to the hand-stitched approach typically employed in Boro treatments.

While the official release date for the New Balance Boro Pack in November has yet to be confirmed by the brand, sneaker enthusiasts can feast their eyes on the detailed imagery of both the 550 and 580 models. This collaboration between New Balance and the art of Boro stitching demonstrates the brand’s commitment to embracing traditional craft and incorporating it into their contemporary designs.

In other exciting November releases, make sure to mark your calendars for the drop of the Jordan 11 “Neapolitan” on November 11th. This unique sneaker is sure to make waves in the sneakerhead community with its delectable color palette and eye-catching design.

[Images: New Balance 580 “Boro Pack” via @streething]

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