Calling all sneakerheads, buckle up because we’ve got some seriously exciting news for you. Brace yourselves as the iconic Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” will be making a comeback in 2024, but with a twist. This time, it’s coming in the sleek and stylish form of the Air Jordan 11 Low. Oh yes, you heard it correctly, the colorway that has sneaker enthusiasts around the world buzzing with uncontainable excitement.

Renowned leaker, the one and only @zsneakerheadz, has dropped the bombshell, sending shockwaves through the sneaker community. While we’ve previously witnessed the AJ11 Low IE hit the scene in 2019, this will be the first time the legendary “Space Jam” style graces the Air Jordan 11 Low silhouette. And believe me, from the early mock-ups and details, it’s abundantly clear that this colorway will stay true to its roots, capturing those iconic hues that catapulted it to superstardom.

So my fellow sneakerholics, mark your calendars, because the Air Jordan 11 Low “Space Jam” is touching down in the scorching summer of 2024. But hold on tight, because there’s more mind-blowing news. This release will be available in full family sizes, making sure that sneaker aficionados of all ages can truly experience the magic themselves. Our excitement is at an all-time high as we eagerly wait for further details and actual images of this absolute gem. But for now, let’s take a moment to admire these tantalizing mock-ups that are bound to make you weak at the knees.

And hey, for those of you sneakerheads who simply can’t get enough of the forthcoming Jordans, make sure to keep a close eye on the Air Jordan Summer 2024 Release Dates page. Get a cheeky glimpse of what’s in store because trust me, you won’t want to sleep on it.

Now, the burning question on everyone’s minds, where can you secure a pair? Well, fear not, my friends, just make sure to follow the Twitter trail with @kicksfinder for live updates during the release date. They’ve got your back covered and will lead the way to sneaker glory.

So, ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for takeoff with the Air Jordan 11 Low “Space Jam” in 2024. This is one release you absolutely cannot afford to miss. Remember, legends never fade away, they simply return in fresh and fabulous new forms. So stay glued, my precious sneakerheads, because the best is yet to come.

Image Source: Sneakernews

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