Tracy McGrady, the undisputed T-Mac, left an indelible mark on the basketball world like no other. Although championship rings eluded him and his playoff success was lackluster, McGrady’s court domination came to an untimely halt due to injuries, leaving us with a heartbreaking “What If?” scenario etched in the annals of NBA history.

In the annals of time, March 10th, 2004, stands as a monumental day when McGrady unleashed his immense talent and dropped an awe-inspiring 62 points in a single game. This Herculean feat was no easy task, especially in an era characterized by formidable defensive play. To add to the mystique, it had been four long seasons since a 60-point game graced the hardwood. Notably, McGrady became the first non-Center player to achieve this milestone since the legendary Michael Jordan accomplished it in 1993.

During that unforgettable game, McGrady donned the iconic T-MAC 3.5 sneakers, shoes that are poised to make an explosive comeback in 2023 as part of adidas’ Restomod collection. The reissued T-MAC 3.5 will remain faithful to its original outward design but will undergo internal updates to elevate its performance. The inaugural iteration of the revived T-MAC 3.5 will flaunt a breathtaking white/royal/red colorway, while the fate of the OG white/royal version is yet to be decided.

Unfortunately, a confirmed release date for the United States is yet to emerge, but sneaker aficionados in Asia can mark their calendars for October 28th, when the iconic T-MAC 3.5 will descend upon them.

Prepare yourselves to cop these highly anticipated kicks by staying tuned for updates on availability. Trust us, this is a classic comeback you don’t want to sleep on.

Now, sit tight as we present you with the pulsating conclusion you’ve been waiting for.

*cues dramatic slow-motion montage of T-Mac’s most electrifying plays set to an aptly chosen, spine-tingling soundtrack*

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