MSCHF Strikes Again with Third Installment: The BIG BLACK BOOT

The notorious crew of Brooklyn-based sneaker artists, MSCHF, is back in action, ready to unleash their latest masterpiece onto the sneaker scene: the BIG BLACK BOOT. Following the mind-blowing success of their previous drops, the BIG RED BOOT and the BIG RED BOOT (Yellow) collaboration with Crocs, this new addition to their triumphant rubber trilogy takes a more understated approach.

While sneaker enthusiasts were left speculating if it was just another custom creation after Instagram personality Javel Berlin teased the design in July, MSCHF has officially confirmed to various publications that the BIG BLACK BOOT is an independent release. With a toned-down color scheme perfectly complementing its eye-catching silhouette, it’s clear that MSCHF is once again pushing the boundaries of sneaker design.

True to their signature style, MSCHF has relied on the power of social media influencers to unveil the shoes, giving eager netizens an exclusive glimpse of the official packaging. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Astro Boy, known for his bulbous appearance, the latest design stays true to the original while showcasing MSCHF’s incredible creativity and departure from Crocs’ perspective. What sets this release apart is the branded card that accompanies these boots, boldly proclaiming “Patent Pending.” It appears that MSCHF, always eager to disrupt the norm, is determined to protect its groundbreaking intellectual property and put an end to the flood of knockoff versions that flooded the market after the release of the BIG RED BOOT.

While an official release date is yet to be announced, rumors suggest that the pitch-dark BIG BLACK BOOT might make its grand debut on the notorious shopping extravaganza, Black Friday (November 24th). Priced at $350 USD, just like its predecessor, sneakerheads can expect to get their hands on these highly sought-after boots before they disappear into thin air.

In other thrilling sneaker news, keep an eye out for the Air Jordan 11 “Gratitude” retro, expected to drop early December. This heartwarming treat promises to bring joy to the entire family.

Stay tuned for more electrifying updates from the captivating world of footwear!

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