END, the renowned UK-based retail destination, has once again exercised their creativity and delivered another delectable masterpiece in the form of the END x Salomon XT-6 “Porcini” colorway. Taking inspiration from the porcini mushroom, a favorite among chefs for its versatility, this sneaker embodies the distinct color palette associated with this edible fungi.

The upper of the XT-6 silhouette showcases a harmonious blend of woodsy orange tones, with the darker shade serving as the foundation. As you move your gaze upward, the off-white shade, reminiscent of the porcini stem, dominates the upper frame and midsole. Although the colorway may appear simple, it is precisely this understated elegance that propelled END’s first XT-6 “Truffle” colorway to success. To inject a touch of variety, the creative team at END added a custom insole featuring the mouthwatering image of the meaty mushroom.

For those eager to add this delectable creation to their collection, the Draw for the END x Salomon XT-6 “Porcini” is set to conclude on October 20th at 6pm EST. Don’t miss out on the chance to savor your own pair and make sure to submit your entry for purchase via the shopping links below.

In other exciting news from the world of Salomon, the MM6 Maison Margiela Salomon Cross Mid has recently dropped in two captivating colorways. Stay tuned for more updates and be prepared to discover the mesmerizing fusion of fashion and functionality that Salomon consistently delivers.

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