Nike, the enigmatic sneaker giant, has once again captured the attention of sneakerheads worldwide with their latest release. Paying homage to the iconic “What The” concept introduced in 2007, Nike has unveiled a new iteration of the celebrated Nike Dunk, this time exclusively for kids.

While exact details about the ten different colors featured on the shoe remain a mystery, we do know that each hue has graced the Nike Dunk Low at some point in its illustrious 38-year history. From the rich “University Blue” to vibrant shades of orange, yellow, and green, these colors harken back to the model’s roots in the college scene. But what truly sets this release apart is its mismatched design. The right and left shoes boast completely distinct arrangements, adding a playful and unpredictable touch to the Grade School offering.

But what about adult sneaker enthusiasts? Fear not, as rumors swirl that Nike may bless us with a multicolored Dunk drop soon. However, for now, the brand has decided to focus on its youngest consumer base, recognizing the importance of catering to their needs and desires as part of their overall growth strategy.

While we eagerly anticipate the official launch, set to take place before the end of 2023, let’s not forget to give some love to the Air Jordan 11 “Gratitude,” which is set to drop for the entire family in early December. It seems like sneaker releases are coming at us from all directions these days!

For those looking to get their hands on the Nike “What The” Dunk Low for Grade Schoolers, keep your eyes glued to Nike’s official website, as the release is expected to happen soon. And if you want to stay updated on all things sneakers, be sure to follow the ever-reliable @kicksfinder on Twitter for live tweets during the release date.

As we patiently wait for the unveiling of this highly anticipated release, let’s check out some official photos of the Nike Dunk, courtesy of Nike itself. Feast your eyes on these beautiful shots that showcase the sneaker’s vibrant colors and unique design.

[Photos via Nike]

With Nike continuing to push the boundaries of design and storytelling within the sneaker industry, it’s clear that they are dedicated to delivering exceptional products that capture the hearts and soles of sneaker enthusiasts worldwide. Stay tuned for more exciting releases from this iconic brand.

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