Iconic sneaker designer Aaron Cooper, known for his groundbreaking collaborations with The Swoosh, has once again captivated sneakerheads with his latest unreleased gem. This time, Cooper draws inspiration from the world of insects, crafting a silhouette that embodies the agility and strength of a beetle shell.

Cooper takes us on a nostalgic journey every Sunday through his Instagram, sharing the behind-the-scenes stories of his past designs. From the ACG Ruckel Ridge to the Air Pippen 1, he now unveils the tale behind this insect-inspired masterpiece. Back in February 1997, the visionary designer sketched the initial design, perfectly aligning with Nike’s new outdoor concept, “Live, Breath, Sleep.” This concept paid homage to the tireless basketball players who pushed themselves to the brink on the unforgiving blacktop.

Engineered to endure the rigors of outdoor competition, this silhouette features Nike’s most robust rubber compound, ensuring unrivaled durability. But that’s not all – Cooper surprises us with the unexpected addition of Kevlar, wrapping around the midsole, providing enhanced longevity. With thick rope laces and a sweat-wicking poly mesh lining, this sneaker guarantees essential ventilation during intense runs under scorching conditions. And let’s not forget the breathable perforations throughout the “Comfort E” full-grain leather upper – a testament to Nike’s commitment to comfort and functionality.

The silhouette itself embraces the distinct aesthetics of the ’90s era, a time when bulkier silhouettes and visible Max Air cushioning systems reigned supreme. Speaking of Max Air technology, this design incorporates it flawlessly, complemented by a concealed Zoom unit in the forefoot. Cooper pays homage to the ’90s further by adorning this unreleased masterpiece with the timeless jewel swoosh, a trademark symbol that brings back memories of iconic releases like the Lambaste 2 and the Air Alonzo.

Fortunately, Cooper treats us to a detailed look at his sketches for this unrealized masterpiece, which would have had a retail price of $110. The anticipation grows as sneaker enthusiasts everywhere eagerly await the next installment in Cooper’s Sneaker Story Sunday series. Stay tuned for his next revelation – we can hardly contain our excitement.

[Photos: aaron.ac.cooper](https://www.instagram.com/p/CyJViqrpC0d/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==)

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