Get ready, sneakerheads, because we’re about to witness a comeback of epic proportions. Brace yourselves for the glorious reunion between Concepts and New Balance, as rumors circulate that the iconic Concepts x New Balance 998 “C-Note” will soon grace our sneaker shelves once again.

Let’s take a nostalgic stroll down memory lane to that fateful September of 2013 when this legendary sneaker first made its grand entrance. Inspired by the illustrious $100 bill, the “C-Note” was truly a match made in sneaker heaven. Sneakerheads around the world couldn’t get enough of it. And now, as the New Balance 998 celebrates its magnificent 30th anniversary, whispers of its majestic return in 2023 are spreading through the sneaker community like wildfire.

Deon Point, the genius behind Concepts, has been keeping us sneakerheads on pins and needles with tantalizing hints on his Instagram. In one of his posts, he teased an updated version of the “C-Note” with the mouthwatering tagline “Old Money.” Can you feel the drool starting to form? There’s even buzz that the 2023 release might draw inspiration from the glorious OG model that dropped earlier this year as part of Teddy Santis’ remarkable Made In USA collection.

But hold your breath, because there’s a surprise in store. The images shared by Concepts showcase the 2013 version of the “C-Note,” but with a subtle alteration in its shape. It seems like the sneaker gods have a few tricks up their sleeves. Cue the collective gasp!

Now, we haven’t received an official confirmation just yet, but Deon’s cryptic comments and responses have us on the edge of our seats. Is this splendid resurrection truly happening? Are we about to witness the magnificence of the “C-Note” once again? The anticipation is palpable, my fellow sneaker connoisseurs.

So, get those wallets ready and start squirreling away your sneaker funds, because the time is near. Keep a keen eye out for any further updates on this highly anticipated re-release. Sneakerheads and collectors alike are anxiously awaiting the triumphant return of a true legend. Brace yourselves, because it’s safe to say that the Concepts x New Balance 998 “C-Note” might just steal the crown for the most buzzed-about sneaker event of 2023. Stay tuned, folks!

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