In the early days before his iconic Protro line and the low-cut trend took over, Kobe Bryant’s sneaker journey started with a notable collaboration with the German sportswear giant, adidas. This partnership, formed in May of 1996, seemed to benefit both parties involved. For Bryant, it meant stepping into the spotlight instead of being in the background at Nike, Reebok, or FILA. Meanwhile, adidas was searching for a fresh face and a more “affordable” athlete.

Right from the start, Kobe became a central figure in adidas’ marketing strategies. He appeared in the Feet You Wear campaigns in August 1996, and before long, he was donning his own signature shoes. One standout pair, the KB8, catches our eye, showcased here in a sleek white, black, and purple colorway. Interestingly, Kobe wore this particular colorway during his first-ever 30-point game on December 14th, 1997, when he dominated the court against the Dallas Mavericks. That night marked the beginning of countless impressive scoring performances, even though creative differences led to his departure from adidas in 2002.

Long gone is the KB8, rebranded as the Crazy 8, but it will soon make a comeback as an adidas Retro. It’s set to release on soon, with a price tag of $140. Sneaker enthusiasts should keep an eye out for its arrival.

Speaking of adidas Kobe releases, the highly anticipated Crazy IIINFINITY is set to drop this Holiday season, boasting various colorway styles. This collection is sure to excite sneakerheads everywhere.

For those eager to cop these coveted sneakers, here’s a breakdown of where you can find them:

– adidas US: The official adidas website will be stocking the Crazy 8. The release is scheduled for 10:00 AM, with shipping limited to North America. So mark your calendars and make sure to check the site for availability.

With adidas continuing to honor Kobe’s sneaker legacy, it’s evident that even after all these years, his impact on the sneaker culture remains strong.

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