LaMelo Ball, the electrifying basketball player and mastermind behind the fashion-forward brand LaFrancé, is once again creating a buzz with his latest collaboration. This time, he’s joining forces with none other than PUMA to unveil the most eye-catching colorway ever seen on his iconic sneaker, the PUMA MB.03.

Dubbed the “Toxic” edition, this shoe perfectly encapsulates the daring and distinctive style for which LaMelo Ball is renowned. With audaciousness fit for only the most unique individuals, the MB.03 “Toxic” fearlessly sets itself apart from the crowd and defies all expectations. Neon green and electric crimson pink dominate the stage, reminiscent of a radioactive swamp. To add an unexpected twist, a deep purple overlay takes on the role of the chief protagonist. The heel proudly showcases bold “ONE-of-ONE” lettering, creating an arresting contrast against the rest of the shoe. Even the branding on the padded ankle fully embraces this vibrant spectrum.

Sneaker enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the release of the PUMA MB.03 “Toxic” at PUMA Hoops retailers on October 20th. And fear not, online shoppers, for this striking sneaker will also be available very soon on

In a thrilling turn of events, PUMA has yet another treat in store. Rising basketball prodigy Scoot Henderson will be unveiling his own PUMA signature shoe during the upcoming 2023-2024 NBA season. The sneaker world is abuzz with anticipation, eagerly awaiting PUMA’s latest moves. It’s safe to say that PUMA is making monumental strides, and fans simply cannot contain their excitement for what’s to come.

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