Reebok has just pulled off a slam dunk move in the sneaker game by appointing the one and only Shaquille O’Neal as the President of Reebok Basketball. This is a power move that not only marks a major step towards the brand’s upcoming relaunch in 2025 but also sets the stage for some serious sneaker greatness. But hold your breath, sneakerheads, because that’s not all! Reebok has also named the iconic Allen Iverson as the Vice President of Reebok Basketball. Talk about a dynamic duo that’s about to shake up the sneaker world!

Let’s transport ourselves back to the 90s, a golden era for both Reebok and Shaq. It was during this time that Reebok played a pivotal role in catapulting Shaq’s career to new heights, both in the pop-culture realm and the sports world. Their partnership birthed some unforgettable signature shoes that are now etched into sneaker history. Who could forget the Shaq Attaq and the Shaqnosis? Those kicks made waves and solidified O’Neal’s status as a true sneaker icon.

But here’s where things get real juicy. Shaq stunned the entire sneaker community by turning down a monster contract extension from Reebok and venturing off on his own, like a true renegade on a mission. What inspired him, you ask? It was a post-game encounter with a woman who called him out for promoting extravagant shoes that were out of reach for many families. Shaq’s response to this wake-up call was nothing short of legendary. He decided to take matters into his own hands and create his own brand, one that focuses on providing affordable footwear for kids. Talk about a hero move, both on and off the court. Shaq left millions on the table and showed the world what it truly means to make a difference.

Now let’s fast forward to 2015 when Shaq played yet another strategic move. He sold the rights to manage his name and likeness to Authentic Brands Group, making him the second largest stakeholder in the company. But wait, there’s more! ABG later went on to acquire Reebok from adidas in a monumental deal that was finalized in May 2022. That’s right, Shaq ended up pulling the strings and bringing Reebok back under his influential umbrella. The man knows how to make moves both inside and outside the paint.

With Shaq’s undeniable influence and unmatched knowledge, Reebok is expecting big things from him in their quest to restore dominance in the basketball sneaker market. Alongside the legendary Allen Iverson, these two titans will not only be instrumental in attracting new athletes but will also spearhead other brilliant brand-building strategies. It’s safe to say that the future of Reebok Basketball is in the best possible hands.

So buckle up, sneakerheads, because the dynamic duo of Shaq and Iverson is about to unleash a storm in the realm of basketball kicks. We are eagerly awaiting their next move, their next creation, and their next revolution. With these two icons at the helm, the world can expect greatness. Thank you, Shaq and Iverson, for keeping the sneaker game alive and kicking. We are eternally grateful.

Photo of Shaq captured by the incredibly talented Tyler Fuhrmeister.
Photo of Allen Iverson shot by the legendary John Kim.

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